Surveys and reporting

'A complete picture of an incomplete picture' 

An anonymous survey is an excellent way to encourage open and honest feedback from the people within your organisation. Whether you're a business, charity, or education provider, our surveys will give you a snapshot of where and how you can improve culture, engagement and moral.  


We work closely with our clients to provide a meaningful set of questions, which in turn creates a powerful set of insights around perceived equality, diversity and inclusion. The results are used as a basis for an in-depth and fully confidential report, which contains analytics and recommendations to help your entire organisation, the people within it and the people you serve.    

How the process works

Step 1


Speak to one of our DE&I experts so we can learn about your organisation and create a meaningful survey with you.

Step 2


We will send you a ready made survey link to distribute within your organisation and we will collect the responses. 

Step 3


We will use the responses to create a full report with relevant insights and analytics, along with our reccomendations.

Step 4


We suggest a further survey within 12 months to measure your progress, using the first round as a benchmark.

Survey applications and examples

  • ​Measure how engaged your colleagues feel whist working from home, and how supported they perceive themselves to be by your organisation in response to COVID.

  • Encourage an open culture by offering an opportunity to speak. Introducing a survey is a useful tool in starting a conversation around diversity and inclusion. 

  • Learn valuable insights around your organisational culture, perceptions of equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement, which you may otherwise miss.  

  • Track metrics over time and to determine exactly where improvements to organisational culture are being made, and which areas could benefit from further development.  

  • Create a realtime feedback loop to help your organisation manage DE&I. Gauge current opinion to establish where and how to focus resource. 

  • ​​Establish specific tools and mechanisms through the report to further enhance organisational culture. All reports are unique and are based on the survey responses. This can serve as an action plan or be fed into an existing DE&I program.    

Analysis and Reporting

Once the surveys have been completed, we will work through the data and produce a comprehensive final report. This will include a useful representation of the raw data plus a thorough analysis of the findings. Our team will find the links between answers and determine where your organisation is doing the right things and where there could be room for further development.


Alongside the data driven recommendations, our team will provide you with a suggested pathway of how to implement the suggested changes, as well as an explanation of why these changes will be beneficial.     


The cost of a full survey and report starts at £850 and is dependent on the size of the organisation. A full price list is available on request. 

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