Our expert consultants and keynote speakers are delivering a range of webinars on managing diversity and inclusion. These are ideal for organisations who wish to train an individual or a small group of delegates. 

Our latest series of diversity and inclusion webinars is due to commence on Thursday 18th June 2020. In order to create a comfortable and open learning environment with a big educational impact, places on each webinar are strictly limited. 


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Improving an organisational culture is a multifaceted process, and doesn’t just happen with change from the top. Real change stems from all directions, and our in house face-to-face training is an extremely valuable tool in achieving this. 


Our workshops are led by expert consultants and facilitators, and are ideal for large groups within your organisation. We can train on any aspect of diversity and inclusion within the workplace with content kept appropriate for the specific audience.


The training is held on your premises, which provides ease of access for you employees, with the option for drop in sessions, greater flexibility, more bespoke content and a low cost of training per attendee. Depending on the size of your organisation and your training requirements, we are able to provide half-day, full-day and multi-day sessions. 


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Our bespoke consultancy is at the heart of what we do. It is a key component in the development of your diversity and inclusion strategy, providing your organisation with a roadmap to manage its D&I.


Our expert consultants have extensive experience in helping businesses of all types and sizes, and are able to consult in areas such as diverse talent retention, unconscious bias, maximising workforce potential, managing an intergenerational workforce, and diversity within your customer base.   

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Our training topics include: 


  • Leading your organisation in the right direction

  • Leadership and management of D&I issues 

  • Creating and managing a diverse and inclusive workforce 

  • Managing intergenerational differences 

  • Becoming a diversity and inclusion champion within your organisation 



We take great pride in the quality of our e-learning courses. To keep the content concise and relevant, we have a range of D&I courses for all levels within your organisational hierarchy. The e-learning modules are appropriate for an organisation of any size, with an option to be tailored to your specific requirements.


Each course takes around two hours to complete and is self-paced by the individual learner. They can be accessed via a login key, either at home or at work. Our modules are both engaging and informative to ensure knowledge retention; this is achieved through interesting video, audio and interactive elements, plus quizzes. We also provide feedback to our customers on completion rates and other user statistics.


This is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to train your workforce, and we offer good value for money with our courses.


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Course topics include: 


  • Unconscious bias 

  • Diversity in the recruitment process 

  • Intergenerational diversity and inclusion 

  • Supporting diverse employees 

  • Managing diverse talent 

  • Talent retention 

  • Employee engagement and empowerment

  • What makes people different 

  • Working in a diverse team 

  • Inclusion within teams 

  • Optimizing individual and group performance 

  • Managing diversity within customer bases 

  • Diversity sensitivity 

  • Communication 

  • The promotion of inclusion 

  • The costs of exclusion 

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