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plus a selection of our newest consultants and specialists. 

Josh Tankel

Managing director

Josh has over a decade of experience in ED&I and has led programmes across Europe, the USA and the Middle East. He currently delivers complex and cross-functional projects in the space, helping organisations become truly inclusive by bringing out the best in their people.


Josh has grown includeus into a strong team of practitioners, supporting high-profile clients across the UK.   

Areas of speciality:

- ED&I project design

- Strategy 

- Diagnosis and health checks

- Leadership consulting


Lucy Malarkey


Lucy is a multi-award winning ED&I consultant and trainer, with key membership to a number of National ED&I steering groups. She specialises in allyship and has created various innovative solutions to improve workplace inclusivity, recently leading an organisation to the Stonewall Equality Index number one position. 


Recent ED&I work has focused on the public sector, housing and construction industries and city planning. Lucy brings her passion and commitment to the table, empowering staff to be themselves.      

Areas of speciality: 

- Equality assessments 

- ED&I strategy 

- Training design & delivery 

- Conference & event hosting


Simon Rodgers



Simon is an ED&I specialist and the former Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the insurance giant Aviva. His background extends to commercial and change roles across the Aviva Group, bringing significant commercial focus to the human, moral, and business imperative of ED&I. 

Simon currently works with various multi-national corporates, NGO's and start-ups, helping them achieve greater diversity while unlocking the potential of inclusion through equity and justice in practice. He is also a Trustee of the Maggie Oliver Foundation (a group supporting survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation), and the Equalities Lead at the World Humanitarian Forum. 

Areas of speciality:

- ED&I strategy and policy 

- Unconscious bias

- Community relations 

- Commercial HR and ED&I synergies 


Tash Thomas


Tash is the Director of ED&I at the European Coworking Assembly, an ED&I advocate, professional speaker and panelist. She has a great understanding of the challenges faced by businesses across a wide variety of sectors, with a special focus on intersectionality and bias. 


With a background in singing and dance, she brings a unique energy and presentation style to her sessions. Always upbeat, always approachable!  

Tash Thomas.jpg

Areas of speciality: 

- Intersectionality and bias consultancy 

- Training facilitation

- Public relations

- Content creation


Shari Strecker


Shari is an ED&I specialist with a background in Organisational Psychology (BSc, MBPsS, MSc). Her cutting-edge academic approach and award-winning research is used to improve organisational practices, creating a healthy, satisfied and diverse workforce. 

Shari has worked in various corporate and clinical roles and has a deep understanding of the needs and problems between stakeholders and organisational groups. With her support, organisations with a diverse workforce can foster cultural change and strategically optimise their productivity. 

Areas of speciality:

- Selection and assessment  

- Learning and development practices

- Leadership development

- Well-being, team effectiveness & employee performance 


Karen Faulkner


Karen is a qualified coach, mentor and facilitator with a specialism in gender and race equality. She has a proven track record in delivering outstanding results, enabled in part by her first hand experience and enthusiastic approach. She truly recognises the benefits, opportunities and innovation that can be found through diverse teams. 


Karen is passionate about helping individuals bring their whole self to work, encouraging workers to fulfil their potential and creating a truly inclusive workplace.

Areas of speciality: 

- C-suite & leadership consultancy (race equality) 

- Trained Safe Space facilitation

- Training design & delivery 

- Sexual orientation & gender identity 


Sanisha Wynter


Sanisha is a mental health advocate, committed to raising the awareness of mental health access and supporting diverse communities. She works with clients in the corporate, public and third sector, supporting their efforts in developing the inclusion of marginalised people. 

Her work extends into empowerment programmes, race equality, LGBT inclusion, cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership training and disability access. Sanisha also supports various national campaigns for young women, including Stonewall (the UK LGBT charity). 

Areas of speciality: 

- Bespoke talks & keynote speaking 

- Storytelling & self-reflection

- Personal and group exercises

- Facilitated conversations


Baljit Kaur


Baljit has extensive experience in delivering diversity and inclusion solutions on a multi sector basis. She helps companies design diverse workforces and inclusive cultures, achieving excellence in diverse employee attraction, engagement and retention. 

Baljit sits on the board of Midlands Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) and is a member of various other professional groups providing best practice insights. These include the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) and Engage for Success (E4S).   

Baljit Kaur.png

Areas of speciality:

- Recruitment, talent management, inclusive leadership 

- Dignity at work and unconscious bias  

- Audits on policy and incorporation of ED&I

- Consulting, mentoring, strategy design, staff networks


Jeniz White


Jeniz White.jpg

Jeniz is an ED&I consultant with a background in the legal sector and product design. She has extensive experience in workplace development for people facing mental health distress and supporting those from marginalised and diverse backgrounds.   

Areas of speciality:

- ED&I mentoring

- Employability development

- Equality training

- Public speaking 

Ellie Highwood



Ellie is an ED&I consultant, accredited coach and trained facilitator. As the former Dean for D&I at the University of Reading, she has direct experience in developing and implementing action plans across a complex organisation. She also has over 20 years of experience as a lecturer and trainer.


Her career has centred around making the world a better and fairer place in which everyone can thrive. She enjoys working with leadership teams to develop inclusive mindsets and map the right ED&I journey for their organisation. Recent clients include universities, breweries, food suppliers and a gym!    

Areas of speciality:

- ED&I strategy review and development

- Bias awareness and growing inclusive mindsets 

- Data analysis and interpretation

- Gender equality in STEM environments  


Nishi Mehta



Nishi is an ED&I consultant with extensive experience in working with HR and other D&I professionals in the UK and across the globe, to attract, retain and develop diverse teams.  

Nishi has a particular focus on closing the gender pay gap, leadership and ethnicity gap, and supporting working parents. She helps organisations realise the commercial benefits of having diverse teams through 1-2-1 coaching and workshops. 

She is an active member of the ITV Central Diversity Panel, FSB BAME Steering Group and the FSB Policy Lead for the West Midlands. 

Areas of speciality:

- ED&I coaching and strategy with a focus on Gender & Race

- Training design and facilitation

- Mental health and wellbeing

- Family care leave support  (speciality in family transitions) 





Sarah is a highly experienced Disability and LGBT+ trainer, consultant and communicator with a unique blend of professional and personal experience.


She has over 15 years' experience in the Public Sector, working with Higher Education, multiple City and County Councils, the Police Force, the Law Society and Stonewall. Private sector work includes Zurich Insurance. 


Sarah prides herself on being able to communicate difficult and sensitive issues with honesty, warmth and humour. She's keen to support organisations seeking to improve their knowledge and experience of disabled and LGBT+ inclusivity.


Areas of speciality:

- Keynote presentations, public speaking & panel discussions

- Training & awareness workshops and consultancy

- Legal, policy & funding frameworks 

- Inclusion of disabled & LGBT+ people in the workplace 


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