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Discover valuable insights about your organisation with our carefully crafted pulse survey   


Our unique pulse survey encourages open and honest feedback on perceptions towards inclusivity from the people within your organisation. The questions have been carefully developed by our organisational psychologist and D&I specialists, utilising peer-reviewed academic journals and client based experience.

It's very accessible and easy to complete, consists of 7 questions and takes approximately 3 minutes to complete on a desktop or mobile device. 

After completion, the findings are used as the basis for a bespoke and comprehensive report. We compare different parts of your organisation and offer recommendations on improving organisational culture, engagement, inclusivity and moral. You will also receive an inclusivity index, a valuable metric for benchmarking and tracking progress over time.  

All data is processed safely and securely, in confidentiality and in accordance with GDPR. 



Valuable insights

Learn valuable insights around organisational culture, inclusivity and engagement that you may otherwise miss.

Measure & compare

See how perceived inclusivity varies across your organisation.

Feedback loop

Create a realtime feedback loop to help your organisation manage equality, diversity & inclusion.

Gauge opinion

Gauge current opinion to establish where to focus resources. 

Encourage openness

Encourage an open culture by offering an opportunity for colleagues to speak and to be heard. 

Encourage conversation

Create an opportunity for a conversation around diversity & inclusion.

Track change

Track change over time and determine where further improvements can be made.

Enhance culture

Establish specific tools through and mechanisms through the report to further enhance organisational culture. 

Action planning

Use your unique report as an action plan, or feed it into an existing D&I programme. 



Question 1: Comparing values

The first question focuses on belonging and shared values between the organisation and employees. Shared values can serve as a great motivator, make employees feel comfortable at work and provide a sense of belonging. 

Image by Ian Schneider

Question 2: Empowerment & potential

This question assesses employee empowerment, authenticity and social inclusion. High scores can lead to greater job satisfaction, well-being, increased job performance and employee retention.

Image by Zac Durant

Question 3: Open communication

Expanding on empowerment, this question assesses the openness of communication, perceived hierarchical challenges, leadership styles, and the impact these have on inclusivity. Open communication is an indicator of trust and encourages motivation, satisfaction, well-being and performance.  

Image by Christina @

Question 4: Organisational engagement

This question assesses organisational engagement, sense of value and sense of belonging. This also detects whether leadership and fellow co-workers encourage feelings of inclusion.   

Staff Meeting

Question 5: Team work

This question assesses belonging and inclusion between co-workers and helps to establish the extent of organisational cohesion. 

Colleagues Working Together

Question 6: Personal reflection

This question assesses individual employee mindsets and attitudes towards their organisation. 

Image by Stefan Spassov

Question 7: Feedback

The final question gives employees an opportunity to provide a more detailed explanation about their responses, which may help uncover other issues or highlight positive feedback that the organisation should be aware of. 

Group Discussion


How were the questions developed?

Our questions are underpinned by academic research, peer-reviewed journals and client based experience. For complete relevance, they have been selected by experienced D&I practitioners and our organisational physiologist. Our methodology is designed to give you the best possible results and insights into inclusivity within your organisation   

How is the survey delivered?

Our survey has been optimised for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. It can be accessed via a secure link.  

How long does the survey take?

The survey is designed to be quick and easy, typically requiring around 3 minutes to complete. 

How long is the survey open?

We suggest you keep the survey open for either 1 or 2 weeks to give everyone time to submit a response, including those who are currently off from work. 

Can I compare teams & departments?

Yes! We give you the opportunity to select up to 3 departments, teams, or groups of people to make comparisons against in the survey.  

What is the inclusion index?

This is an overall ranking out of 100 based on the survey results. This is used for internal benchmarking and to tailor the report specifically for your organisation. 

What does the report contain?

The report contains a graphical breakdown of the results, comparisons of your pre-selected groups, plus tailored recommendations based on the results to each question. We also include individual feedback items and suggestions from your employees. 

How can I use the results?

The results can help establish the direction of your D&I initiatives, determine the inclusion based challenges and opportunities within your organisation, improve engagement and boost morale. 



We charge a fixed fee of £495 which includes the first 50 survey responses. For larger organisations, there is a small surcharge which will be invoiced on delivery of the report. The full prices are as follows;

 Organisation size


1 - 50


51 - 200

201 +

£495 + £1 per person beyond 50 

£645 + £0.50 per person beyond 200 



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